A Remarkable white oak

Tree Information

Common Name: white oak

Scientific Name: Quercus alba

Category: Beautiful tree

Comments: This is a gorgeous tree that has survived dispite all the construction surrounding it. Thankfully, someone has made a concious effort to spare its life and it lives on , beautifully, in the middle of a busy parking lot. A poem was written and a ribbon placed around the tree to celebrate Arbor Day. It reads: As I reach my limbs to heaven, I thank God he didn't turn me into a 7-11. Happy Arbor Day!

Best time to photograph: not sure

Nominator: Kim Overstreet

Location of Tree

This tree is on public or publicly accessible property, including schools, churches or businesses. Please be respectful of others when visiting. Locations provided here are not an invitation to trespass, and public properties such as schools and military installations are not necessarily open to visitors. If you wish to make your location private, please let us know.

Owner Name: don't know, it's in the parking lot

Owner Address: unknown

Directions: (The tree is near Short Pump Town Center) I64 to Broad St., West on Broad St., Right on Pouncey Tract, Left at 1st light (into shopping center/theater), turn Right behind Arby's and go past American Family Fitness toward Bowl America and you will see the tree in the parking lot on the right.

County/City: Henrico

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