A Remarkable American sycamore

Tree Information

Common Name: American sycamore

Scientific Name: Platanus occidentalis

Category: Unique tree

Comments: These twin sycamores are the last big trees standing in our area of cleared farm fields. The owners have an old photo from early in the century showing a family posing with these trees full grown in front of the same farmhouse. Both trees were severely cut back at some point and their root flare runs right to the road. I thought it might be interesting to include a photo of these two sturdy, old gals along with their earlier photo.

Best time to photograph: They are beautiful in morning light in spring.

Nominator: Sybil Mays

Location of Tree

This tree is not on public or publicly accessible property. The owner's name, address, and the exact location of the tree are not displayed to protect the privacy of these individuals. If you are the owner and wish to make this information public, please let us know.

County/City: Virginia Beach

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